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AMADEE-24 Kick-Off: One step closer to Mars.
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AMADEE-24 Kick-Off: One step closer to Mars.

A Stellar Weekend with Fortis at the AMADEE-24 Dress Rehearsal and Official Announcement

This past weekend was nothing short of extraordinary for us at Fortis Watches as we had the privilege to witness the dress rehearsal and the official announcement of the AMADEE-24 analog Mars mission. The event took place at the Gebrüder Weiss campus in Vienna, offering a rare glimpse into the meticulous preparation and the spirit of exploration that defines the AMADEE project.

An Insider’s View into the Heart of Mars Simulation

The excitement was palpable as we stepped onto the campus, greeted by the sight of the latest equipment, the advanced space suits, and the vibrant team of analog astronauts. It was a unique opportunity to see up close the tools and technologies that will support human life on Mars, providing a vivid picture of the daily life and challenges these brave explorers will face.

Engaging Conversations and Insightful Discussions

The weekend kicked off with a press conference attended by journalists from leading print, online, and mainstream TV stations. Gernot Groemer from the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF), Jürgen Bauer and Frank Haas from Gebrüder Weiss, along with Andreas Bentele from Fortis Watches, took center stage to address all burning questions. Their insights into the mission were not just informative but truly inspiring, highlighting the collaborative effort behind this ambitious project.

Exclusive Sneak Peek for Gebrüder Weiss Employees

The highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly the special event on Sunday for the Gebrüder Weiss employees. It was an occasion for them to delve deeper into the mission’s objectives and achievements. Moreover, they were treated to the first sneak peek of the Fortis AMADEE-24 watch. Presented in the Fortis Space Container, this exclusive preview was complemented by an enjoyable ambiance of drinks, food, and shared excitement, making it a memorable weekend for everyone involved.
Our heartfelt thanks go to Gebrüder Weiss for hosting this incredible event. Their hospitality and support played a crucial role in its success, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among all attendees.

Looking Forward to the Launch

As the AMADEE-24 mission progresses, the anticipation for the Fortis AMADEE-24 watch continues to build. Scheduled for launch on May 13, 2024, after the analog astronauts return from Armenia, this watch symbolizes the spirit of exploration and the enduring partnership between Fortis and the pioneers of Mars simulation missions.
This weekend was a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the face of humanity’s next great frontier. We at Fortis are proud to be part of this journey, marking time as we venture towards the unknown, together.

Stay tuned for more updates as we countdown to the launch of the AMADEE-24 watch – a timepiece as adventurous as the mission it honors.