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engineered for mars. AMADEE-24

celebrate the spirit of mars exploration with the AMADEE-24 limited edition.

engineered for mars.

We are thrilled to unveil the Novonaut AMADEE-24 Limited Edition, a masterpiece born from the challenges and triumphs of the AMADEE-24 Mars analog mission.

This watch epitomizes the spirit of Martian exploration through simulated environments on Earth. The AMADEE-24 mission is a further cornerstone in preparing for future endeavors on the Red Planet.

functionality and design.

Made of full titanium and equipped with our space-tested manufacture caliber WERK 17, this watch is built to endure the most extreme conditions.

The Mission-Control-Bezel features a unique communication-delay tracker, essential for precision in the unknown reaches of space, while the Grand Counter is meticulously engineered for timing critical activities and experiments.

the masterpiece.

The Novonaut AMADEE-24 boasts subtle golden accents and Lumicast numerals, which provide a touch of elegance against the robust, utilitarian design of the titanium case. This aesthetic choice symbolizes the blend of top-tier engineering with the timeless beauty of exploration, setting a new standard for luxury in tool watches.

make it yours.

With only 100 pieces available worldwide, this watch is a collectible that encapsulates the pioneering spirit of the AMADEE missions. Its sleek design and unparalleled functionality make it a must-have for enthusiasts of space exploration and fine watchmaking.

Hurry! Experience the future of exploration on your wrist. This limited edition is set to sell out fast. Discover the Novonaut AMADEE-24 now and secure your piece of space history.