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a colourful celebration.

diving since 1954. marinemaster m-40 celebrates 70th anniversary with exciting colors.


Seven decades of Underwater Excellence.

2024 marks a special milestone – 70 years of the Marinemaster, a beacon of underwater precision and reliability, and at Fortis, we’re ready to celebrate this anniversary with a burst of colors!

This year is more than a look back; it’s a reinvention with the introduction of the new Marinemaster M-40 models, a colorful update you won’t want to miss!


A Spectrum of Adventure

The latest additions to the Marinemaster M-40 collection bring a splash of color to the scene. Imagine: the trusted robustness and precision, now dressed in a palette of fascinating colors inspired by the majestic beauty that surrounds us.


Find Your Hue.

Each of these colors offers a unique experience and opens up new ways to express your personality and style. The Marinemaster M-40 is more than just a watch; it’s an extension of yourself, a companion for all your adventures.


Time to Show Your Colors!

Are you ready to dive into the colorful world of adventure with a Marinemaster M-40? Explore the new colors and find your perfect companion. Whether you’re looking to conquer the depths of the sea or simply enrich your daily life with a touch of color, the Marinemaster M-40 is there for you.

Don’t wait any longer – buy now and become part of this colorful journey. The Marinemaster M-40 is waiting to explore new horizons with you. Let’s dive into the world in color together!