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And the Next Stratoliner Supernova Goes To…

Rob Milne

The Little Treasury Jewelers' Chosen Guardian

We are thrilled to announce that Robert “Rob” Milne, is one of the lucky thirteen to become an Elite Guardian of the limited edition Stratoliner S-41 White Dust Supernova watch. A testament to the spirit of exploration that defines our brand, the thirteen Stratoliner Supernova watches embarked on a remarkable journey into space aboard the Suborbital Express 3 mission, alongside a series of Microgravity project experiments. Rob’s passion for aviation, aerospace, and horology, fueled by a legacy of family involvement in American manned space programs, made him the perfect candidate for this honor.

Rob’s dedication to Fortis, stemming from his admiration of our brand’s commitment to creating robust timepieces for pilots and astronauts, highlights a connection that transcends the mere aesthetic appeal of our watches. His active participation in the Fortis community and keen interest in space exploration are emblematic of the spirit that the Stratoliner Supernova embodies. Rob plans to integrate this unique timepiece into his life not just as a watch, but as a symbol of his passions, wearing it proudly on all occasions, from professional meetings to global travels and special evenings out.


Owning a Stratoliner Supernova is a dream come true for Rob, representing a link to the grand narrative of space exploration – a narrative he has been part of through his family’s history and his own enthusiasm for the cosmos. This summer, Rob looks forward to taking his Stratoliner Supernova on a vacation to Switzerland, where he will share its incredible story with watchmakers and enthusiasts alike.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Rob for this remarkable achievement and express our profound gratitude to Little Treasury Jewelers for orchestrating the event that celebrated Rob’s addition to the Fortis family. Little Treasury Jewelers has been instrumental in fostering a community that appreciates the art of watchmaking and the spirit of adventure that Fortis stands for.