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In the name of Science – A Journey through Time and Space.
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this is not just a documentary – it’s an homage to human spirit, curiosity, and our relentless pursuit of the unknown.

Join us in celebrating a triumphant venture that has forever redefined the horizon of luxury timepieces and scientific exploration. Witness a spectacular journey to the stars in our latest documentary. This film traces the monumental Suborbital Express 3 Mission by the Swedish Space Corporation, launched from the snowy landscapes of Kiruna in northern Sweden.

experience the meticulous preparation that transformed an ambitious idea into reality. listen to the riveting original tones, capturing the anticipation and emotion that permeated the atmosphere before the launch.

The stakes were high, the mission complex. On board were not just our exclusive Stratoliner Supernova watches, but a host of scientific and medical experiments, all poised to experience the raw environment of space and return with invaluable insights.

As the rocket pierced the sky, carrying our hopes and dreams into the cosmos, emotions ran high. Witness the thrill of the launch and the suspense of the return, as captured in stunning visuals and heart-stirring soundscapes.

See the eyes of the mission team light up with excitement and relief as the rocket successfully returns, each Stratoliner watch and every scientific experiment emerging unscathed from their cosmic journey.


In collaboration with the Swedish Space Cor-poration (SSC), a total of thirteen Stratoliner Supernova watches were launched aboard a research rocket. They journeyed to the outer edges ofthe Earth‘s atmosphere alongside a varietyof scientific and medical research projects,validating their resilience in the harsh, unyielding conditions of space, before making a safe return to Earth.

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