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Mastering the English Channel
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A Tribute to Resilience and Adventure

The Marinemaster Odyssey with Romano Mombelli

We are excited to present a captivating series of reels on Instagram that not only highlight the spirit of adventure but also the relentless pursuit of excellence, embodied by the master of open waters, Romano Mombelli. In a significant testament to his dedication and the unparalleled resilience of our Marinemaster collection, Romano has achieved a lifelong dream by successfully navigating the perilous waters of the English Channel.

This remarkable feat places Romano at the heart of our Marinemaster narrative, reflecting the collection’s core values. Celebrated for his extraordinary swim across Lake Lucerne, Romano’s conquest of the English Channel is a milestone in his ongoing quest to complete the Ocean’s Seven—a grueling seven-part long-distance swimming challenge that represents the pinnacle of marathon swimming. His journey through the Channel, marked by icy currents and vast, unpredictable waters, underscores a symphony of endurance and the profound balance between battling the elements and connecting deeply with them.


Romano Mombelli is more than an athlete; he is a true conqueror of vast expanses. His experiences in the English Channel and beyond have tested our Marinemaster watches to their limits, showcasing their robustness against nature’s unpredictable forces. Since the Marinemaster’s introduction in 1954, we have been at the forefront of creating robust waterproof watches that embody reliability and strength. Our timepieces are designed with innovative features such as the UW-30 movement, an antimagnetic balance wheel, and a Triple-Gasket crown system, catering to those who dare to navigate the most daunting waters.

The Marinemaster’s philosophy of being a silent, yet reliable partner, resonates with Romano’s approach to his craft. As he faced the tumultuous English Channel, his Marinemaster stood as a testament to decades of engineering excellence and the adventurous spirit that is our legacy.



As we continue to create timepieces for the bold and the brave, we celebrate Romano Mombelli’s incredible achievements and the spirit of all adventurers who seek to master the seas. The Marinemaster collection, renowned for its resilience and precision, is ready to accompany you through the next tide of challenges.

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